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The Music Within with Author Haroon Rashid

Updated: Jul 19, 2020

In many ways, writing is such an elegant craft. For author, writer, poet, and artist, Haroon Rashid; it is crisp, clear, and filled with beauty and confidence. It is pure. Author Haroon Rashid shared with our team that destiny is what started his journey as a writer. He believes that it is essential to not be a dictator in trying to change the world, but a writer that can inspire people for the better. Author Haroon Rashid has embraced free- will and shared that the choices and actions we make in life are essential fundamentals of being human.

"Listen to your heart, hear your soul, it will let you bring out the true music within you, and that will always let your music play." -Author Haroon Rashid

Our team loves looking for the diversity that overflows in the world. We get excited when we find great stories that can inspire others and provide insight into living productive and active lives...that's success to us!

The heart is an exciting place. It speaks to us through how we feel and tells us a lot of what we need to know about ourselves and others. The soul digs even more in-depth. Through the soul, we often discover more than we can ever imagine. The heart and soul together can tell us precisely who we are. When we caught up with Author Haroon Rashid, he shared with us the beauty of following our hearts and being open to living our lives through our creativity and passions. 

Checkout the Interview with  Author Haroon Rashid below.

What inspired you to start your journey as an author? 

Since my childhood, I always wanted to be a sketch artist. Perhaps after school, I couldn't get into that field. Still, that creativity got transferred into writing as any experience, knowledge, or information I get gets back into writing with heart. So, it's like art plus heart brings the magic out. 

What are some of the pros and cons of your industry?

 Pros are if you are talented and creative, the world acknowledges you and feels the words with their hearts. The cons, though creativity in any form is beyond boundary it's boundary to some extent is decided by money as it also requires financial assistance to let its survival continue as publishing, advertisement, and publicity require money.

 What makes what you do differently from your competitors?

 Creativity is a form of activity where every person is different, even if skilled in the same way. No two actors or writers or singers can be the same. So, I feel I don't have competitors as I and whoever is creating something are on a journey of contributing, so it is always a plus for the receiver to receive such contributions in abundance.

Are you inspired by anyone?

As one of my quotes is, 'Every person is a story and has a story,' so I always feel that every person has something to teach me, so whenever something like that happens, I get inspired. Also, mountains and sea are the greatest sources of inspiration because seeing the mountains makes me feel ignited to stand again after every fall. And sea instills calmness, stillness, and serenity and teaches me to have humbleness even having enough depth. 

What has been your greatest accomplishment? 

People have felt the 'WE FELL ASLEEP,' aka 'EARTH' poem with their hearts, and it became the fastest poem on Earth to reach every reader all around the world. It has been shared almost by every person, including celebrities. It also got translated into all the major languages. So, it's the biggest accomplishment a writer can have. Apart from that, I hope when everything gets back to normal, people still feel the same way for Earth as they have felt now from the poem.

Author Haroon Rashid shared that his craft in a word can be defined as Nature. "It's difficult perhaps that one word would be 'Nature,' as I mostly wonder about Nature, be it of the physical world or even of humans and human creations with regard to emotions and feelings." -Author Haroon Rashid

Stay connected with Author Haroon Rashid on Social Media at:

 Instagram: @authorharoonrashid 


 YouTube: Author Haroon Rashid


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