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Young & Fearless: IcyHair By Avi

Updated: Jul 19, 2020

When some people think of success, they think of money, power, and sometimes fame. Although it can mean various things to different people, we like to think of it as overcoming roadblocks, community advocacy, or even striving to be the change in the world. We often learn a lot by listening and observing others, which is why we've kicked off our relaunch issue of Good Media, with Avianna Outlaw, a Game Changer!

During a recent interview with Avianna, we learned three important things that it takes to be successful: Do what you love. Follow your heart. And Manifest your dreams! Avianna was inspired to start a custom mirror company recently called Glass Emperor, where she designs custom mirrors. We take pride in connecting with women that are dedicated and driven to be different, and that is what we saw in this young entrepreneur. She is motivated to help other women feel good in the skin they are in, which can be rare. It's not too often we hear a fearless, motivated, and independent women-owned business say they feel good when others feel good! When we caught up with Avianna, we were amazed by her grit and drive to thrive in her industry as a stylist and entrepreneur.

"My parents always told me to manifest my dreams!" -Avianna Outlaw

During our interview with Avianna, she shared how her parents have always inspired her to believe in her dreams. She shared that they have always pushed her and taught her to never give up. As a young girl, she has steadily had an interest in hair care and fashion.

"Growing up, I adored doing my Barbie dolls hair, and I was also into fashion. In high school, I took many apparel classes. I also loved trying new styles and doing my friends' and family's hair. They used to always call me and be like, "Avi, come do my hair, I can't do my hair like you. I used to just laugh because I didn't think I did their hair any better, but they all appreciated every chance they got." says Avianna. 

Avianna had plans to go to college and had received a full ride. However, when an opportunity presented itself to work in a salon and gain business experience, Avianna knew it was a sign to pursue her dreams in a different light. We caught up with Avianna for a Q&A segment and just knew she was manifested into our lives to share her story. 

Check out the interview below.


I am motivated by my work as I continue to grow and see changes in my work as I learn more, I crave success. I strive to achieve all my goals and outcomes with my heart. Not only doing what I do makes me happy but having my family and friends giving me tremendous support. 


 My advice would be to DO IT! Don't ever overthink yourself! Things that business owners must accept is that business always comes with a level of risk, you will lose money at some point, there are no shortcuts to success. Invest in yourself.


 In the next 10 years, I see myself manifesting my dreams. I dream of being a boss owning and my own shop with other people that serve quality work servicing hair, skin, nails. You can't forget the boutique with my hair care products on everyone's shelves. I define myself as a "female hustler, "which is someone prepared to do anything to change their dreams into reality.

This is because I felt like at one point, people always look to find reasons, not to business with new businesses. Everyone says open your own business and own your own things, but when you do so, it does not always feel like the support is there, and that is why you must be resilient. If you are not, this is a dangerous con that can spill over into other aspects of your business—one of them being your pricing.

You must know your worth and not compromise on your pricing going forward if you want to continue to thrive. This can be hard if you do not feel like the support is there for your business. And that is ok! You must stay consistent and true to yourself, so you can start to put together the things that present the business well. This was and transparently sometimes is still a hurdle that I must get over from time to time. I now accept feedback with a grain of salt because I know that it can only help my business.

I say with a grain of salt because some people are not credible to speak on what I have for my goals with the company.

To stay connected with Avianna visit her on Instagram at:


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