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On-Air with Brandi Garcia

Today, we have a wide array of influences that can impact many of the choices we make. Everywhere we turn, there is some type of competition, whether in our looks, body images, and occasionally, in our careers. It is so important to be ourselves, and value who we are, just as we are! In life, the experiences we encounter can often impact our futures somehow, which is why we were stoked to connect with a woman that has been doing things her own way, and not caring what anyone thinks about it!

When our team caught up with Brandi Garcia, a DJ/On-Air Personality, that was one of our most significant takeaways from her interview, to just being ourselves. Even more, we learned the importance of living our lives to the fullest and doing what we love. We were inspired to chat with Brandi due to her positive vibes, high ambition, and passion for the work she does in her industry. Brandi shared with our team that she has never cared to fit in with the crowd, and that she has always been hardworking. More importantly, Brandi takes pride in her work, which sparked early on in her teenage years during an internship.

"I've always marched to the beat of my own drum and just did what I wanted to do; not what society told me to."- Brandi Garcia

Check out the Interview Below

Tell us a bit about yourself.

I'm originally from Tallahassee, FL, went to Florida State University and started my professional radio career straight out of high school. I have had the unique journey of working in many radio markets like Los Angeles, Houston, Palm Springs, Las Vegas, San Francisco, a few others, and now, here in San Antonio. On the DJ side of things, was a tour DJ for CeeLo Green and Keyshia Cole, DJ'd for Nike, Delta, Ford, Pepsi, and so many more. Plus was able to do some television as well and even DJ'd Mike Epps comedy special on Netflix. I have interviewed many of your favorite celebrities from 50 Cent to Mary J. Blige to Usher. All in all, I have been blessed to do what I love: music and entertainment! I'm now on the air full time at 98.5 The Beat here in San Antonio and also enjoy my time as a social media influencer where I talk about everything from movies to dirt bikes to beauty to sports and more.

What inspired you to start your career?

I did an internship at the age of 15 at a local radio station and fell in love with it! I have always loved music, but I was fascinated that you could get paid to play it as a career!

What are some of the pros and cons of your industry? It's fun because you get to work with a lot of great people in the industry throughout the years as well as work in a lot of amazing places! But sometimes it's hard to monetize your talent, especially nowadays because technology has made it so that everyone thinks they're a DJ, so the market is a bit more over-saturated.

Are you inspired by anyone?

Yup! My mom and dad have overcome many adverse situations... coming from another country with nothing, to health complications, to financial struggles, etc. They always stayed motivated, worked hard, and made sure that our family was always taken care of! I admire their work ethic and values, but most importantly, I just love them as the best and most loving mom & dad.

What has been your greatest accomplishment?

The fact that I realized my dream of being a DJ and making a successful career out of it! I went from being a little girl DJing in my bedroom to DJing at places like The Staples Center, LA Memorial Coliseum, Universal Citywalk Hollywood, Irving Plaza, Union Square, and touring the country!

If you could change the world, what would you change and why?

I would simply change people's mindsets that we do NOT all have to think alike. We CAN agree to disagree. That doesn't mean either side is wrong... they just support what works for them and their family. Too many times nowadays, people are quick to attack you if you do not hold the same beliefs/views as they do. The beauty of being human is that we are all different.

What advice would you give to someone trying to start a DJ/musical career?

Do it because you are passionate about it! Not for any other reason... money, fame, connections, etc. are NOT reasons to do this. There is a lot of sacrifices and you must love and appreciate this lifestyle.

Brandi shared with our team how she is blessed to be where she is today in her career. Her motivation comes from the audience that listens and supports her daily, which is something she expressed she does not take for granted.

In Brandi's spare time, she enjoys getting out in nature and simply having a good time!

"I love running, riding dirt bikes, playing poker, watching movies, exploring new places, and so much more!" -Brandi Garcia

Stay connected with Brandi Garcia all Social Media platforms at:


@brandigarcia (YouTube)

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